Bali’s 9 Waterfalls in 9 Days

By Gaia’s grace, we have waterfalls. Whether by the tranquil mind that comes from a raging torrent or the adventure had in trekking to these secluded locations, waterfalls seem to bring out the best in people.

Bali hosts a diverse myriad of waterfalls across its small, but varied landscape. One could not hope to ever visit all of them. But, you can at least scratch the surface and visit some of the more awe-inspiring waterfalls.

So… here are 9 of Bali’s waterfalls you can visit in 9 days to get the scratching started.


Day 1/ Banyumala Twin Waterfall


Situated in Bali’s northern foothills, the twin falls will be one of the more secluded locations of your trip. This is a good thing. The seclusion means fewer people and few gawking tourist trappers. In order to reach it you will be travelling a far distance – on bike and foot – from any built-up areas, so come prepared.

There is a small sign on the side of a single lane road indicating the beginning of the track to Banyumala. The walk is not strenuous, but it can be a bit hazardous with steep stairs and moss-covered rocks. From experience, I can tell you; locally bought thongs do not handle well.




Entry Fee: 15,000 IDR

Location: Wanagiri, Sukasada, Wanagiri, Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81161

Note: Follow the signs. Not the path. (You could end up back in Denpasar following some of the paths locals have carved).


Day 2/ Sekumpul Waterfalls


The other twin falls, as they are locally known, are one of the most well-known waterfalls of North Bali, potentially of the whole island – largely due to their high presence on Instagram. Despite this, few people visit them daily because it is difficult to reach. The nearest built-up town is about one hour away by scooter and the waterfall itself can only be reached after hiking a 1.5km trail.

Be ready for some fees! We were charged three times – a registration fee, an entry fee and a second entry fee halfway along the hike. (They even attempted to charge us a fourth time when riding out on our scooter). Unless you have a strong backbone, you will end up paying. It does put a dampener on the mood, but there is not much you can do about it.




Entry Fee: 20,000 IDR

Location: Sekumpul, Sawan, Lemukih, Sawan, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81171

Note: There are several signs along the side of the road indicating the entrance to the falls. Unless you wish to hike several kilometres, it would be advised to ignore them and continue to the above location and ignore the ‘suggestion’ for the guide. Not even a fool could get lost on the hike.


Day 3/ Fiji Waterfall


What could be better than twin waterfalls? How about triplets? Just a short 500m hike from Sekumpul exists another equally spectacular waterfall. Though not as well known, but by no means Sekumpul’s lesser, Fiji waterfall is the meeting point of three individual streams of water on a single rock face.  The sheer volume of water here creates a thick and constant mist. If you are planning to visit this waterfall you will get wet.

Cost: 20,000 IDR

Location: Sekumpul, Sawan, Lemukih, Sawan, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81171

Note: This fall is found at the same location as Sekumpul. To reach it, all you must do is follow the flow of water up the valley floor.


Day 4/ Git-Git Waterfall


You will see Git-Git long before you reach it. It seems small. But, as you slowly navigate the rocky – oh, so rocky – path, it grows. And, grows. Until, eventually, you are standing at the base of a huge waterfall, over 100ft high.

If you have come around dawn, the sun will be rising perfectly symmetrical to the valley, giving of rays of light illuminating your walk. It is a sight to behold and worth the early rise.

Entry fee: Come early enough, it is free.

Location: Jl. Raya Bedugul – Singaraja, Gitgit, Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81161


Day 5/ Golden Valley Waterfall


Situated in the middle of a coffee plantation and just a short walk to a local eco-café, the Golden Valley Waterfall is the most developed and civilised waterfall on this list.

The waterfall itself is not overly awe-inspiring. But, when complemented by the visually appealing tropical plants that surround it and pungent coffee aromas, it is definitely not one to be missed. You may even want to take your time and sample some fresh local fruits and coffee.

Entry Fee: Free 

Location: Tutub, Munduk, Banjar, Bulelang, Bali 81152


Day 6/ Air Terjun Munduk


Cascading nearly 100ft down a worn-smooth rock wall into a tiny pond, Air Terjun Munduk easily rivals any single waterfall on this list for sheer volume of water. The valley that plays host to the waterfall is constantly filled with a thick mist emanating from the violent collision of water and rock at the base of the falls. And yet, through it all, the soft chimes of the local swallow populations, that for some reason have chosen to nest around the falls, can be heard.




Entry Fee: 15,000 IDR

Location: Jl Raya Munduk, Desa Munduk, Banjar, Buleleng, Munduk Banjar, Munduk, Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152


Day 7/ Sambangan Falls


Sambangan is the par excellenceof waterfall cliff jumping. Encompassing several waterfalls along a single stretch of river, there is plenty on offer for those looking for a bit more… adrenaline.

There are three different jump heights. For newbies or the kids, Kroya is perfect at 3m. Getting a bit more intense at about 9m, Kembar Falls will get the heart racing. And, for a truly fear-inducing jump, try your luck at Pucuk falls with a 15m jump.

Entry Fee: It is 10,000 IDR to look at the falls. But, if you are planning to jump the fee is about 125,000 or more depending on the guide and the package you select. It is a tad frustrating being forced to hire a guide just to jump from the falls, but it does give the added safety of a life jacket if desired.

Location: Jalan Raya Desa Sambangan, Sambangan, Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81161


Day 8/ Aling-Aling Waterfall


Aling-Aling is the sacred waterfall of the local people and for this reason people are restricted from swimming in it. Although you would not really want to. The waterfall billows of a cliff some 90ft high before raging towards the ground. The rocks at its base have been visibly worn smooth from the relentless and sheer force of the water. It would not be a pleasant swim!




Entry Fee: 10,000 IDR.

Location: Jalan Raya Desa Sambangan, Sambangan, Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81161

Note: Aling-Aling and Kroya waterfall are individual falls found in the same valley. Entry to one will cover both falls. (Due to the cultural importance of Aling-Aling and its distinct contrast to Kroya, I felt it deserved its own place on this list).


Day 9/ Nung-Nung Waterfall


You are going to have to work to reach this one. Some 500 steps separate the beginning of the footpath and the waterfall. And, let’s just say, it is not a breezy walk. But, this waterfall is not one you will want to skip due to some stairs.

During the rainy season, this waterfall likely boasts the largest flow of all the waterfalls on this list. Complemented by a cliff roughly 70ft high and lush greenery, this is one you will not regret making the slightly long and arduous trip for.

Entry Fee: 20,000 IDR

Location: Nung-Nung Village, 35km north of Ubud.


How many waterfalls did you visit?

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