Ecohotels Bali? Suly Resort, Yoga & Spa

On a recent trip to Bali, Indonesia, I stayed at the Suly Resort, Yoga & Spa. Nestled away in the heart of Bali, just near Ubud, its natural vibe quickly drew my attention. It sits in the middle of a rice field, which can be walked at any time; it is intentionally overrun with trees and shrubbery on the exterior of its buildings; they only serve vegetarian foods and have a strong focus on tropical fruit-based meals. Everything about the resort screamed ecohotel, so I had to check it out.

How much did we pay?

I stayed there with my partner so we split the bill 50/50. In total it cost $32 for our room per/night and this included our breakfast, but this was on special. Normally, the same room would cost $45 per/night so it’s not a particularly cheap hotel by Bali standards. They advertise other rooms for more expensive, which include a larger bed and ‘better’ views. However, we found that there was really no point paying more just for a larger bed, as we were already in a double and the views are almost the same no matter where you are in the hotel.

What was the food like?

For breakfast there is a choice between several different types of cooked eggs, either scrambled, poached or in an omelette, with toast, a freshly made juice and a fruit bowl. It’s quite a good way to start the day, although luke warm juice didn’t really do it for me, especially in Bali’s hot weather, but that’s nothing but preference.

For dinner there was a bit more variety. There was local Bali dishes and also some western dishes from around the world. The Mie Goreng and Spaghetti Puttanesca were my top picks, although my favourite part of every meal was always the fruit bowl. Breakfast was free, but dinner cost about $10 AUD per/person.

The room!

Our room was pretty standard, there was nothing out of the ordinary or amazing about it. There was a bed, a shower and internet. That’s really all we needed. Unfortunately, there was some negatives about the room that are really the only thing I can fault the hotel about. The sheets had some stains and appeared to have not been washed and the toilet was blocked the whole time we were there. I’m not sure if this was due to our late check-in that they didn’t have time to clean it, but it wasn’t all that amazing.

What was the service like?

Everyone there was friendly. Whenever they would see us around the hotel they would return a smile and many would come up and ask how everything was going. They tried very hard to ensure that our stay was going well. And, for the most part, everything went well with the service. There was a bit of an issue when we were first checking into our room that resulted in us having to sit in the lobby for about an hour. But that may have had something to do with us booking only a few nights prior and checking in at 3am. (Our flight got to Bali at 2am and it was a 1 hour drive to the hotel from the airport). However, they made their best efforts to get us into our room as fast as possible.

Resort Activities

The hotel had two swimming pools, although only one was useable. One was a murky green colour, while the other was clear. Unfortunately, the clean pool was in a bad location with an abandoned bar next to it and the murky pool was in a good location with a beautiful bungalow overlooking the rice terraces which was the perfect place to sit and watch the sunset. (We did this. However, it would have been great to be able to go for a swim).

The resort is advertises yoga. It’s even put in the title. When we were there the Yoga instructor had apparently just walked of the premise and quit. So that was that. They are also advertised as a spa in their name. I don’t know what they call a spa, but the whole time we were there we couldn’t find one. There’s two pools, which they may be labelling the spa. There’s a bar, but no workers in it and no alcohol. It is meant to be a swim up to bar but it looks abandoned.

Their taxi service is good. There is always someone around on wait willing to take you anywhere in the region for a small cost. They also offer day trips around the region where they take you to the Tegenungan waterfall, the Tegallalang rice terraces, the Holy Springs Temple and a swing on the side of a big hill. Our driver was lovely and we had a great time.

Contact Details

The address of the hotel is Jalan Cok Rai Pudak Br. Yangloni, Peliatan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Is it an ecohotel?

All-in-all yes. They strive to incorporate nature into their hotel and promote ethical use of the area. Many signs stationed around the hotel give information about respectful treatment of the area and how the hotel strives for sustainability through things, such as recycling and local donations. There is clearly a strong dedication to environmental stewardship. Although, whether or not the accommodation appeals to you is up to you. Would you consider staying at a hotel over another, solely because it’s an ecohotel?

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