One-A-Week # 7 Well… I’m back in Australia, now what?

After an epic trip to Bali, I wasn’t looking forward to my return to Australia and, more importantly, to work. As much as I didn’t want too, my funds were getting low and I had bills to pay. I decided to return to work, but I vowed that I wouldn’t spend another 3 months working while repressing my desires to travel. Surely there’s a way to work and travel?

I haven’t quite worked out how to travel indefinitely while maintaining a steady income, but my next best option was to work for several days then travel for several days. I would maintain a steady income and develop some savings to fund my next big trip overseas, while satisfying my travel desires, just more locally.

I was back to working full-time the week after I landed. It was difficult! I’d always heard of people who use holidays as a way to refresh their mind and body so that when they return to work it isn’t so hard. For me, it was the complete opposite. Returning to work after a couple of weeks off, actually made it even harder. My day was spent with my head in the clouds imagining ways I could get back to Bali – or any place that wasn’t here. What if I just walked off the job, drove to the airport and caught the next cheapest flight to somewhere in Asia? How would that go? This scenario played out in my mind and, the strange thing was, I had to try really hard not to do exactly this.

I was able to finish a week of work on the knowledge that I would be going camping for several days once I finished. My partner and I headed up to the Big Bend, a point along the Murray River where the cliffs reach their pinnacle and camped there for the night after navigating our Yaris between the trees to a point that could not be seen from the road. It was an amazing place and brought back a snippet of the Joy I found in Bali.

We only had the weekend and it went way too quickly. I was back at work Monday. Working through the week and taking the weekends off to go camping. I’ve been repeating this process for three weeks now. I love camping and hate my job, so the two kind of balance each other out.

The work is bad. (I was literally sifting through shit because a man broke a pipe running through previous cabinet work. I’m a cabinet maker, not a plumber, and still these kind of situations occur. Such as a broken faucet that had leaked through a cupboard requiring completely new cabinet work. Both these events occurred over two days). The adventure is incredible. And this is where I’m at for the moment, until I get enough money together to travel internationally, hopefully to Cambodia.

As much as this temporary state of enjoyment maintains my proclivities, my relentless thoughts of having to return to work, continue to reinvigorate a question in my head: why don’t I just leave and see what happens? There’s nothing but temporary distractions holding me back, so why don’t I just leave? Why don’t you?

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